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Research Projects

Currently research on the following projects is done:
    • CALET : CALorimetric Electron Telescope (When it's clicked, open new a tab of CALET web site.) We work on R&D of the CALET cosmic ray detector, which will be installed on the external facility of the Japanese ISS module (KIBO). Observation with CALET will be aimed at the systematic study of high energy phenomena in the universe and the indirect detection of Dark Matter.
    • bCALET : Balloon CALET bCALET is a balloon experiment to evaluate the observational ability of CALET using prototype detector. In 2006 and 2009, electron and gamma-rays have been observed at a hight of 35-37km on flights from Sanriku and Hokkaido.
    • LHCf : LHC forward LHCf is an experiment to study extremely forward scattered particles in collisions at the LHC, which can accelerate particles up to 7TeV. By this experiment, we observe the energy distribution of secondary particles in the extremely forward region with an energy corresponding to 1017eV in lab-system. Thereby we research the hadron interaction model which is necessary for understanding development of showers from cosmic-rays.
    • TibetASγ : Tibet Air Shower Experiment TibetASγ is an experiment of observing ultra-high-energy and high-energy cosmic-rays with an air shower array. It is located at a hight of 4300m above sea level on the Yangbajain plateau in China's autonomous region Tibet. With 789 detectors distributed over an area of 36900m2, TibetASγ has the ability to observe cosmic-rays over a wide range of energy (1014∼ 1017eV).